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What is McGeorge Learning Center & Tutoring Services? 

We are a privately-owned educational service that offers both subject specific tutoring AND also a form of “home-school” that provides individual and small group instruction during the day, either part-time or full time, for grades K- 5. 

Private Tutoring

Is your child experiencing difficulty in reading or math? 

We offer after school, subject specific tutoring designed to help your child understand what they are being taught in school. Since teachers rarely have time to really delve into the material to help students understand the concept, we first work with your child with whatever homework he/she brings and then build on those concepts. If he/she does not have homework on a tutoring day, we have plenty of age and grade appropriate materials available to help facilitate their learning.

Appointments available Mon. - Thurs. 

$25 per hour 

              Full Time Day Classes  

 4 day school week    M- TH 9am-2pm

Does the idea of homeschooling appeal to you, but you don't have the time, resources, or patience? 

We offer full time day classes with a certified teacher in a home like setting, using a Christian Curriculum, supplemented with various other materials to ensure comprehension.

                Full time classes include required basics: 

English/ Reading / Math / Spelling and grammar, and a course in good citizenship- 

However, we go a few steps further than just the basics: we also teach Social Studies & Science, Keyboarding-Cursive Handwriting- and Social Skills. 

Thursday is our "Specials day" where we have an extended bible class, art & music as well as a basic chemistry class where we combine all of our skills in the kitchen by cooking / baking in the kitchen! 

The kids love bringing home their 'assignments" for mom and dad to sample. 


All this for only $159 Week 

See our pricing page for other options.

Covid Special 

$99 Week /

$400 per month!

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